We are VILD,
a new front of creative studio.
We create narratives.
Human, immersive,
interactive experiences.

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  • #VirtualReality
  • #AugmentedReality
  • #ExtendedReality
  • #ImmersiveMedia
  • #InteractiveStorytelling
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VILD Studio develops film productions and new narratives including immersive and interactive experiences (XR), games and new media installations.

Our projects are both authored and commissioned. We create setups and narratives with invention and sensibility.

In co-operation with companies and academic institutions we also cultivate constant research, educational and curatorial activities.

VILD Studio

Is a new generation of creators, developers, scientists and project managers working from their perspectives in small, multidisciplinary and international teams brought together. We push the boundaries with hybrid forms of media, art and storytelling.

Clients & Partners